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„We can’t keep on playing games”

Posted on: decembrie 7, 2009

O chestie misto, luat de aici

„Frankly, this town and the way the political dialogue is structured right now is not conducive to what we need to do to be globally competitive. And all of you are leaders in your communities – in the business sector and the labor sector, in academia, we even have a few pundits here – it is important to understand what’s at stake and that we can’t keep on playing games. I mentioned that I was in Asia on this trip thinking about the economy, when I sat down for a round of interviews. Not one of them asked me about Asia. Not one of them asked me about the economy. I was asked several times about had I read Sarah Palin’s book. (Laughter.) True. But it’s an indication of how our political debate doesn’t match up with what we need to do and where we need to go,” spune Obama.

Si se aplica si la noi. La toata isteria care a fost in campanie.  Sper sa ne linistim cu totii, indiferent cine castiga nu era tocmai o mare victorie. Am inteles si votantii lui basescu (totusi nu poate reveni PSD-ul), am inteles si votantii lui geoana (vrem totusi liniste), am inteles si pe cei care nu au votat (mi-e sila de amandoi). Ceea ce nu am inteles a fost inversunarea (unora) si campania jegoasa, departe de realitati.

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