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Si un studiu misto pe aceasta tema descris in The Economist.

„These results, then, suggest that the powerful do indeed behave hypocritically, condemning the transgressions of others more than they condemn their own. Which comes as no great surprise, although it is always nice to have everyday observation confirmed by systematic analysis. But another everyday observation is that powerful people who have been caught out often show little sign of contrition. It is not just that they abuse the system; they also seem to feel entitled to abuse it”

„They argue, therefore, that people with power that they think is justified break rules not only because they can get away with it, but also because they feel at some intuitive level that they are entitled to take what they want. This sense of entitlement is crucial to understanding why people misbehave in high office. In its absence, abuses will be less likely.”

„What explains hypercrisy is less obvious. It is known, though, from experiments on other species that if those at the bottom of a dominance hierarchy show signs of getting uppity, those at the top react both quickly and aggressively. Hypercrisy might thus be a signal of submissiveness—one that is exaggerated in creatures that feel themselves to be in the wrong place in the hierarchy. By applying reverse privileges to themselves, they hope to escape punishment from the real dominants. Perhaps the lesson, then, is that corruption and hypocrisy are the price that societies pay for being led by alpha males (and, in some cases, alpha females). The alternative, though cleaner, is leadership by wimps.”

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Imediat dupa nastere. Cu ajutorul fotoshopului. Si cu ajutorul lui Kourtney Kardashian care a  trimis o poza, aratand cat de masiv a folosit revista OK fotoshopul. de aici.

Cine ar purta pantofii astia? Ok, maybe, Lady Gaga… Altcineva? Oricum, designerul chinez Guo Pei face si niste propuneri de haine cu care ar merge…

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Nu stii ce sa cumperi copilului de ziua lui? Pai un penar cu sigla… Playboy! E noua moda.

Invata copilul despre sex de mic. Si invata nu despre orice sex, ci adevarata industrie a sexului: playboy. Mai bine, decat orele de educatie sexuala, nu? Poate se scoate si o revista Playboy pentru copii.

Unii din UK au zis ca nu e ok sa creasca industria articolelor sexualizate pentru copii. Dar au venit altii si au zis: de ce nu? E greu de oprit. Si cica tinerii ar spune ca pot intelege conotatiile sexuale ale produselor si ca vor ei asa sa decida si sa faca greseli. Pai, bine, dar cat de tineri erau acei tineri? Adica tineri 18 ani, 16 ani, 10 ani, 5 ani? Dar nu se mai zice.

Adica putem pune playboy pe penare si mai sunt alte produse si imagini sexualizate pentru copii, dar e greu cu educatie sexuala in scoli – si nu doar la noi…

mai mult aici.

Filmul Dunno Y…Na Jaane Kyun include si secvente gay; va fi scos anul asta pe piata. mai mult aici.

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