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Neste vorbe de la Lady Gaga

Posted on: ianuarie 11, 2010

„I find that men get away with saying a lot in this business, and that women get away with saying very little,” she said. „In my opinion, women need and want someone to look up to that they feel has the full sense of who she is and says, ‘I’m great.’ ”

„But you ask about double standards or restrictive gender roles, they don’t think of that as sexism; they think of that as the way it is. That’s kind of like what Lady Gaga is talking about.”

„When I say to you, ‘There is nobody like me, and there never was,’ that is a statement I want every woman to feel and make about themselves,”

Despre Bad romance : „about how the entertainment industry can, in a metaphorical way, simulate human trafficking: products being sold, the woman perceived as a commodity”

si mai multe, aici.

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