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Femeile rome, dublu discriminate

Posted on: ianuarie 21, 2010

La Atena s-a desfasurat o conferinta mare-mare pe tema femeilor rome. Cateva vorbe foarte misto din discursul lui Suedia Nyamko Sabuni, ministra suedeza de la Integrare si Egalitate de Gen.

„First of all, we know that Roma women encounter a double challenge: On one hand discrimination for belonging to the Roma minority, and on the other hand discrimination as a woman.”

„It is time to agree upon and implement concrete actions that guarantee all women and girls their fundamental freedoms and rights. Even if this means going against traditional customs and practices.

One such custom is underage marriages. A consequence of premature marriages is that girls are denied access to education. Access and quality of education are crucial elements for the inclusion of Roma as equal members of society. Access to high quality education can help break the vicious circle of exclusion from the labour market, poverty, poor housing, poor health and segregation. Education empowers individuals.

That is why the state and the Roma community – side by side – must ensure that all girls and boys have both access to education and that they complete their studies.”

„One conclusion from these conferences was that we need to promote cooperation. Cooperation can empower. We should consider involving new partners that we don’t involve normally. New partners can provide fresh ideas and bring our message to new arenas.

At the Equality Summit an idea that came up from the Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transgender movement, was to initiate cooperation between the LGBT-movement and the Roma movement. ”

„We all know that for many women in the world the daily struggle for personal survival excludes them from active participation. We can not achieve human rights when people’s basic needs are not satisfied. This conference is part of the important process towards giving women and girls better opportunities to shape their existence and exercise power over their lives.”

iar tot speeach-ul aici. crina, mersi de link 🙂

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