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Posted on: februarie 22, 2010

La noi, implicarea companiilor in comunitate – adica CSR sau corporate social responsability – a inceput sa apara si in ultimii ani e tot mai vizibil. Nu prea stiu sa existe multe studii pe domeniu, de ex in ceea ce priveste eficienta acestor programe sau aria de interes a companiilor – adica in investesc: zone, domenii, strategii, etc. (daca stie cineva ceva, poate sa lase link:). Asa doar din ce am observat eu, exista o preferinta pentru subiectele „safe”, gen copii, saraci, mediul rural si mai putin pe zonele „care nu ne plac”, te tipul: romi, gay, femei, etc. Si un studiu interesant pe tema de ce e bine sa investeasca companiile in femei, realizat de McKinsey, how helping women, helps business?

„Women in developing economies are hampered by many of the same concerns that face women in other countries, but they also deal with a number of additional barriers to economic security. In some cases, these problems are straightforward—girls getting less food and education than boys, for example. In others, they are as complicated as the difficulty women in many countries have in keeping control over money they may earn (because of regulations or long-standing cultural traditions that prevent them from having secure access to bank accounts), owning property, or acquiring loans.

Women’s unfulfilled potential significantly hinders economic growth. One recent study, for example, estimates that lower education and employment rates for women and girls are responsible for as much as a 1.6 percentage point difference in annual GDP growth between South Asia and East Asia. On the other hand, educated, income-earning women are especially powerful catalysts for development because they tend to invest more of their money in their families’ health, education, and well-being than men do.”

articolul il gasiti aici, iar studiul complet aici.

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