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Toata lumea e bi. Dar speram sa le treaca

Posted on: februarie 25, 2010

In urma cu ceva timp, la niste discutii de bere cu prietenii, sunt luminata de gasca ca acum la moda e sa spui ca esti bi. Ca toata lumea spune asa. Ma rog, ma impotrivesc eu, ca totusi nu e chiar asa, ca astia bi se declara fie gay, fie straight si nu prea vor sa isi asume; ca de multe ori in „comunitate” despre barbatii bi se zice ca defapt sunt gay, iar despe fetele bi ca defapt sunt hetero (you know, the dicks always win…) si multi tin la secret orientarea bi. Dar mi se dau exemple despre unii care spun ca sunt bi. (Adica cunosti 3 persoane care isi asuma bisexualitatea si te panichezi ca toata lumea devine bi?:). Pe urma vine si fraza care parca plutea in aer: „si totusi, noi speram ca va trece faza asta”. Yes, of course, iar ajungem la etape:).

Ma distreaza cand o vedeta stiuta ca fiind hetero are o relatie same-sex, iar la scurt timp devine gay. Mai de mult, cand aparuse stirea cu Lindsay Lohan ca are o relatie cu o femeie, o prietena imi spune: „Vezi, toata lumea e bisexuala.” Iar la scurt timp in aceeasi conversatie: „Ce tare e ca Lindsay Lohan e lesbiana” well… 🙂

Oricum un articol misto despre bisexualitate in guardian.

„I’m constantly baffled by the exclusion of bisexuals. I blame bad science, or rather bad scientists. Every year it seems there’s a new study on „what makes people gay”. Oddly, this is expected to be an on-off switch, and the researchers look in the genes, or the brain or the lenght of fingers for a sign that one set of people will be queer, now and for always, and another proving the rest will remain 100% straight. It takes a special kind of rigidity of outlook to construct a survey on finger length and decide beforehand there’s no middle ground. They then say everyone’s „straight, gay or lying” but for that to be true there would have to be an awful lot of liars out there.”

„We’re all told bisexuality is a phase that everyone goes through and grows out of, and no one’s a „proper” bisexual, even though „everyone’s bisexual really”.

„It’s LGBT History Month, so here’s something you can quote to people when they ask: „But what have the bisexuals ever done for us?”: the first ever gay pride week was organised in the wake of the Stonewall riots in the US, and was the idea of Brenda Howard, an out bisexual activist. But ask around in a local LGBT bar, or group, or event today and you won’t find many people out about being bi.”

„Why don’t we come out? A lot of the people using the LGBT scene are bisexuals in the closet – they came out as gay or lesbian because they knew that would get a good reception. But for a bi on the gay scene, the closet has two doors, a bit like an airlock – behind one of them is a cosy atmosphere with no pressure, and behind the other is what appears to be a vacuum.”


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am auzit si eu ca e la moda sa spui ca esti bi, dar persoanele care au sarutat o data o pers de acelasi sex sigur nu se pune ca fiind bi, ci a fost un moft, o curiozitate.

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