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Queer Bucharest Biennale

Posted on: martie 28, 2010

Nu stiu multe despre aceasta initiativa, am gasit info pe facebook.

It has been decided. The next Bucharest Biennale will be the fourth in a row of biennials directed and curated by men, which for the current edition have selected the noble imperative „Handlung” to denominate its aspirations. But despite the engaging rhetoric, the Bucharest Biennale has so far neglected to address the persistent marginalization of the queer community as part of its agenda. In response to the Bucharest Biennale’s incitement to action and as an attempt to engage the art community of a city, in which the number of attendants at the annual Gay Fest amounted to less than 300, and the reason why 2009 is reported to have been the first year without casualties is that the attendants were escorted by more than twice as many police, including K9 and horse-mounted units, QBB decided that it is time for a reclamation.

2. Cheloo e reclamat la CNA pentru un tricou cu  „white and proud” din piesa cu smiley, plec pe marte. Cheloo e in continuare mandru, smiley isi cere scuze daca a jignit pe cineva. de aici.


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