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Vaticanul cam „arde” dupa ce au fost puse pe tapet cazurile de abuz sexual in are sunt implicati cuvinciosii preoti. Si multe cazuri ascunse tot de prea-sfintii domni. In mai multe tari, o lista scurta aici.  E criza pe culoarele sacre si se incearca gasire de solutii pentru spalarea imaginii (mai ales ca imaginea negativa, vine la pachet si cu banuti mai putini din partea poporului credincios:P si deh e criza si doare si mai rau). Asa ca s-au gandit sa arunce scandalul in curtea vecinilor – a homosexualilor.

 Nr 2 de la Vatican spune ca homosexualitatea e de vina pentru cazurile de abuz sexual, aici. Uff,  pai, si atatea cercetari ce tin deja de secolul trecut ca nu leaga homosexualitatea de pedofilie. Si statisticile care arata ca fetitele sunt mai expuse decat baietii. Si… nenea prea-sfant, si in scandalul sexual de la biserica catolica sunt victime si fetite si baieti.

Si eu care ma gandeam ca biserica o sa se puna sa se gandeasca si sa isi reconsidere pozitia fata de sexualitate, de ex… Acolo, cu celibatulul, cu educatia sexuala, etc… Sa investeasca nitzel in servicii pentru victimele abuzului sexual (servicii care sa nu fie facute de preoti, logic). Dar na… crucea e mandra, mare si rigida.


Articol interesant despre abuz sexual la copii si teoria mitului traumei. Defapt e interviu cu autoarea acestei teorii, Susan Clansey. Pe scurt, ea sustine ca, acei copii care au experienta de abuz sexual, nu o percep ca si trauma, ci traiesc mai mult sentimentul de confuzie, ambivalenta. Bineinteles aceasta nu face  ca abuzul sexual sa nu fie o crima.

„The title refers to the fact that although sexual abuse is usually portrayed by professionals and the media as a traumatic experience for the victims when it happens — meaning frightening, overwhelming, painful — it rarely is. Most victims do not understand they are being victimized, because they are too young to understand sex, the perpetrators are almost always people they know and trust, and violence or penetration rarely occurs. „Confusion” is the most frequently reported word when victims are asked to describe what the experience was like. Confusion is a far cry from trauma.”

„What was shocking to me when I started my research was the number of people who were victims of sexual abuse and hadn’t told anybody before. All day long I would interview people — my whole life was surrounded by victims — and I was hearing the same thing: This is the first time I’ve talked about it. I was thinking, How is this possible? We’ve been talking about sexual abuse and trauma on the news 24/7. You get all these people who are keeping it a secret because they’re ashamed — because what happened to them is not what is portrayed in the media or psychological and medical circles.

Why is this distinction important?

If you really want to help people, if you’re really trying to prevent and treat a social problem, you have to describe the problem truthfully. For 30 years we’ve been working on preventing sexual abuse. But we’ve skirted around what sexual abuse really is. The kids don’t know what’s going on, and they often enjoy it. They’re not going to resist.”

„Ninety-five percent of sexual abuse victims never seek treatment because of what they falsely assume and fear about sexual abuse. Many of them do not even think they were sexually abused. This is a huge problem. You have people who call me and say, „My uncle attempted sexual penetration when I was a child, but I’m not sure if I qualify as a sexual abuse victim.” I say, „How in God’s name do you not think you’re a sexual abuse victim?” It’s because in most cases of sexual abuse, it was not traumatic when it happened.

„As I hope to have made clear in the book, sexual abuse is never OK. No matter what the circumstances are, or how it impacts the victims, sexual abuse is an atrocious, despicable crime

interviul complet aici.

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Grupul a fost infiintat in august si timp de 4 luni a functionat, fara ca nimeni sa fie impotriva, a fost inchis recent. Asta da, politica la facebook. A fost initiat de niste studenti de la una din cele mai bune universitati din Australia, la categoria “sports and recreation”. Ma ingrozeste nu atat de mult faptul ca facebook a permis acest grup, cat ideea ca „violul e un sport” pentru un grup de tineri care probabil vor fi importanti avocati, doctori, afaceristi, jurnalisti, etc.  Si ma ingrozeste si mai mult daca ma gandesc ca poate nu e ceva care a aparut izolat in Australia.



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