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Barbati cu ciorapi plasa si tocuri, madonna reloaded in varianta gay, o cruce pe pelvis, armata gay, sutien cu mitraliera, nitzel gender-bending, fetishuri si SM. Alejandro.

Multi zic ca Alejandro aduce a Madonna. Sunt scene care aduc a Vogue, dar daca atunci Madonna isi exprima senzualitatea ca femeie, Lady Gaga duce  mai multin  zona exprimarii sezualitatii gay. Mai degraba „actualizare”, decat copiere. Armata de gay (o fi si o mica aluzie la Don’t ask, don’t tell?) exprima masculinitate – putere si senzualitate – dar nu e tipic standardul macho.

Ok, barbati cu tocuri nu ar fi neaparat ceva soc;  simularea sexualitatii e clar diferita…de ce apare prin clipuri

Ok, deci nu e scena tipica de fete si baieti:P (Sau o fi raspuns la barfele mai vechi ca totusi ar avea penis:P)

Si e misto look-ul mai androgin afisat de Gaga, „dedicatia” catre biserica cu crucea la pelvis sau „ingredientele” mai cyborg.

Explicatia din partea Lady Gaga: „un videoclip despre puritatea relatiei mele cu toti prietenii mei gay, despre faptul ca n-am gasit asa ceva la nici un barbat hetero din viata mea. E felul in care celebrez si admir iubirea gay; clipul arata invidia mea fata de curajul de care ei dau dovada infruntand totul impreuna.” La timp cu clipul, in plin sezon de gay-pride-uri de prin lume:)


Am dat peste un blog misto, Gaga stigmata – unde se analizeaza clipurile si muzica lui Lady Gaga, de doua persoane din academia. So, daca vreti interpretari Gaga si feminism, gay, cyborg and much more, dati click si cititi. Si de incalzire, cateva randuri:

Feminism „What strikes me about Lady Gaga’s feminism is just how advanced it is.  This is going to sound pretty doublethinky, but what identifies it as advanced is the same thing that makes it easy to miss as feminism.  Of course, she is representing women as powerful, independent, even dangerous.  So in a sense this looks like the second wave move to lionize Woman and women (hear me roar!).  But her use of a setting which, in fiction, is almost always male, and her frightening, aggressive, often not-so-sexy sexuality do much more to blur the line between men and women than they do to reclaim and rehabilitate the idea of the female gender.   I won’t deny that plenty of times in her nearly ten-minute video she is deliberately and conventionally sexy.  Sex, sexiness, and sexuality have been vital parts of dancing and entertainment (at every part of the cultural spectrum) for too long to deny or overturn.  But there are also many scenes and outfits which, while highly sexual (cage dancing, bras and thongs, heavy makeup, tight and translucent clothes) are not really attractive, at least not to a conventional appetite.  After all, what about all her studs and spikes (often in worrisome places!)?  Lady Gaga is mixing and matching what usually function as unique calling cards for different genders, and in so doing  she removes the basis for prejudice and discrimination more effectively than if she simply praised women or calumniated men.”

Gay „Lady Gaga’s stance on homosexuality and the issues of prejudice and discrimination which confronts it today is well known.  Many fans have made really good points about how she deals with lesbianism and homosexuality in this video.  In contrast to other popular depictions of lesbianism in popular culture, Lady Gaga really does work to reclaim lesbianism for lesbians.  The butch or androgynous depiction of many women in the prison scene, most particularly the one Lady Gaga kisses, represents a lesbianism that is definitely not for the benefit of a male viewer.  Often, lesbianism is carefully represented to be as arousing for straight men as possible.  This ranges from pornography to „I Kissed A Girl”, and while I’m not here to shoot down either one of those (I tend to believe that the problems with both are more with how they’re viewed and what mindset has produced them, and that both could appear in a healthier, less-exploitative atmosphere without major changes to the texts themselves), „Telephone” can definitely be said to do a least a little real, emancipatory work on this front.  While making a hot buck of course – no one here is pretending that angle doesn’t exist.”

Si un interviu  autorii site-ului aici.

ps: daca chiar vreti doctorat, nu cred ca va accepta nimeni in romania pe tema asta:P



Posted on: Martie 23, 2010

am calatorit (nu, nu am poze:P), uneori cu acces la net deloc (unele hoteluri cu 4 stele nu au internet, alea cu 3 au…), oricum am fost prinsa cu multe treburi. nu am avut timp sa scriu. se mai intampla.

– am observat ca e public programul de la gay-fest-ul de anul asta. aici. si au si bannere. mie imi plac. sunt vesele.

– intre timp am observat ca a aparut ultima colectie a lui alexandre mcqueen.

le-am luat de aici.

– e o dezbatere pe romi pe ziare .com cu tema: de ce ne deranjeaza romii? De rasism, de ex… nu ar mai trebui o dezbatere din asta.

– a fost un dosar pe trafic de persoane la cluj. cu politicieni, artisti, jurnalisti, alte vip-uri. presa a scris. a dat si citate din dosar. nu s-a intrebat cum de a ajuns un dosar de trafic de persoane public inainte de proces 😦

– si ca sa incheiem mai happy, mi se atrage si mie atentia de sarutul dintre lady gaga si artista lesbiana heather cassils din videoclipul telephone.  s-a scris aici mai mult. e mai tare faza decat madonna si britney, parerea mea.

De la Lady Gaga pentru Alexandre McQueen  (si e foarte misto:)

Minus gay si lesbiene. Pentru ei, invataturile de mii de ani se actualizeaza in uraste-ti aproapele. De ex, un grup religiosi aplica „metoda” – vor sa boicoteze funeraliile lui Alexandre McQueen. Si s-au si pregatit

mai mult aici.

Elton John si Lady Gaga la Grammy

 Stim ca Lady Gaga se imbraca trasnit. Unii s-au gandit de unde ii vin ideile pentru haine. Si iata cateva surse de inspiratie

– arhitectura

si mai multe aici.

sau de la diferite personaje:

si mai mult aici.

cu link primit de la pet shop beuys, caruia nu ii place gaga…

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